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Medıcal Departments

We are rendering services by over 50 physicians in over 25 medical departments.

Esencan Hospital

We are at Esenyurt for you for 20 years.

In 1998, we started out by focusing on the human under the leadership of Taşkın Yenidünya, M.D. Our purpose was to deliver accessible and safe healthcare services that would increase the quality of life for human in line with the universal medical ethics and scientific values. In this end, we are encouraged by the interest to the healthcare services we started to render at Esencan Surgical Medical Center. We always aimed the better. We have continuously developed our technology, teams and services.

We laid the foundation for the Esencan Hospital in 2011 and we have built a strong health complex that fits the developing Turkey. We started admitting patients on November 18, 2013.

52 Specialists in Various Medical Disciplines

27 Medical Departments for all health problems

30.000 Successful Surgeries