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Emergency Medicine and Ambulance Services

General Information
Our doctors

Our emergency medicine department admits patients round the clock and serves approximately 30,000 patients per year. The department of emergency medicine is supported by all departments of the hospital at office hours and by orthopedists, anesthesiologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, pediatricians and radiologists who are on duty, at the out-of-office hours. Multidisciplinary approach is also adopted in the Emergency Medicine Department and it is ensured that physicians of other specialties are made ready in Emergency Medicine Department within possible shortest time, whenever required. In emergency medicine service that is equipped with modern medical devices, initial treatment is instituted and the patients are placed on supervision. In addition, initial interventions and examinations can be done without waste of time in the intervention rooms and other technically equipped rooms. Imaging studies, including MRI, computed tomography and ultrasound, are conducted round-the-clock by the radiologist, along with all laboratory tests.

Adult and newborn intensive care units equipped with state-of-the-art technology are available for patients who are admitted to the Emergency Medicine Room and are needed to be cared at the intensive care unit. Our Emergency Medicine Service is at the status of an emergency room of Group A hospital that is well equipped for all medical and surgical emergencies in terms of both the healthcare team and the equipment.

Equipment of Emergency Medicine Service

Excluding very serious emergencies that the resuscitation team is called for cardiac and respiratory arrest, patients of the emergency room first assessed and vital signs (respiratory, fever, pulse, blood pressure) are measured. Next, the patient is transferred to an appropriate room depending on the urgency and the condition and assessed by emergency medicine doctor. After inspections and evaluations are completed as soon as possible, emergency medicine doctor may order further examination or consult the patient with the specialist on-duty, if required. Purpose of each examination, treatment and consultation, waiting period and their costs are notified to the patient, if stabilized, and consent is obtained.

The emergency healthcare professionals of the Esencan Hospital always act in line with the patient rights. In this end, the patient and the companion, if allowed by the patient, are informed, but no explanation shall be made to third parties in accordance with the principle of “respect for privacy”. However, each patient applying to our emergency medicine service has the right to have the primary doctor informed or request being assessed by a specialist of any medical department.

Ambulance Service

The Ambulance Service is rendered by nurses and healthcare officers who are experienced in the first aid. Our vehicles are equipped and designed pursuant to Regulation of Ambulance issued by the Ministry of Health. Our ambulances that work round the clock and have all required equipment and technology are accessible for you at any time of the day.