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Adult (Medical and Surgical) Intensive Care Unit

General Information
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Intensive care units have a very important position in total delivery of healthcare services, as all critical patients are provided with life support. The contribution of the advanced technology led to significant improvements in intense care services. Increased average life span of societies also made substantially contributions to the effective improvements in intensive care units.

Intensive care services require a versatile team work. Efficient and quality life support and treatment are not possible in intensive care unit if the round-the-clock support of all the surgical and medical disciplines, the highly advanced technological laboratory and imaging unit (computerized tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasound etc.) is not available. In our hospital, where “advanced technology” is used in all units, GENERAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT is equipped by all sophisticated medical devices and has a capacity of 28 beds.

In our intensive care unit where all critical patients, including one year old ones, are provided with optimal support, all severe emergencies are effectively intervened instantly. General Intensive Care Unit serves patients round-the-clock by young and experienced personnel. Each patient is supervised by a single nurse and their treatment is carried out by experienced intensivists. Scientific and ethical approach is never compromised in GENERAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT.

In addition to the permanent staff of the GENERAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT, support of the physicians with domestic and international experience from other disciplines is always available round the clock.

If necessary, all imaging tests (CT / computerized tomography, MRI / magnetic resonance, X-ray, ultrasound etc.) as well as all laboratory tests can be performed at any time of the day.

Each bed is equipped with artificial respiration device and the patients can be monitored using the state-of-the-art devices

In the GENERAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT, where ALL CRITICALLY ILL patients, including one year old babies, can be admitted;

  • All trauma (head trauma, chest trauma, severe fractures, total body traumas, etc.) patients
  • Intracranial Hemorrhages
  • Strokes
  • Severe respiratory failures,
  • Acute or chronic renal failures,
  • Nervous system diseases (Myasthenia Gravis, Guillian Barre etc.)
  • Severe infections,
  • Poisonings,
  • Severe injuries,
  • Severe burns and many other diseases are immediately intervened by healthcare professionals.

All critically ill patients can be transferred to our intensive care unit, where advanced life support is available round the clock, by land, air (aircraft and helicopter) and sea ambulances.