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Chest Diseases

General Information
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Lung diseases and respiratory tract diseases are a common public health problem that influences majority of the population. In the chest diseases (pulmonology) clinic of our hospital, all lung diseases are diagnosed and treated.

Examples of diagnostic and therapeutic services rendered by the clinic are as follows:

Pulmonary function tests: pulmonary function tests are performed with or without use of medications for the diagnosis and treatment of dyspnea – shortness of breath – caused by obstructive pulmonary diseases.

Allergy skin test: patients can be started on vaccination therapy (immunotherapy) according to this test that is very valuable in the diagnosis of allergic lung and respiratory tract diseases.

Bronchoscopy: a videoendoscopic bronchoscope is used for endoscopic examination of respiratory tract to diagnose and/or treat lung cancers and other lung diseases.

Smoking cessation outpatient clinic: Smoking that accounts for 90% of lung cancers is an important public health problem. In our department, we support our patients, who want to quit smoking, with various therapies and we also follow up them by measuring carbon monoxide concentration in the exhaled air at particular intervals.

Sleep Laboratory: respiratory disorders in sleep are the most important disease among sleep diseases, as they cause Cerebrovascular diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Snoring, sleep apnea, daytime sleepiness, attention deficit, wake up with sleep deprivation are the most common symptoms. These patients are diagnosed by polysomnography in the sleep laboratory of our hospital, and PAP devices are used for the treatment, if necessary.

Non-invasive mechanical ventilation procedures: the patients with respiratory failure, who present to our hospital, are provided respiratory support with BiPAP devices in our emergency medicine department and intensive care unit.