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General Surgery

General Information
Our doctors

In General Surgery Clinic of Esencan Hospital, attending physicians perform surgeries and follow up patients with surgical diseases round the clock. Operations are successfully carried out in General Surgery Clinic of our hospital for a wide spectrum of diseases, including but not limited to gallstones and biliary tract diseases, goiter, all kinds of hernia, pilonidal sinus, hemorrhoids (various surgical methods, especially Longo hemorrhoidectomy, depending on the severity of the condition, anal fissure, appendicitis, varicose veins, cancer surgeries, surgical circumcision, ingrown toenail and callus.

In our “GREEN OPERATING THEATRE” equipped with state-of-the-art devices, Laminar Flow System and LED lightings, surgeries are safely performed.

Our Professional team which is experienced in world standards of “SAFE SURGERY” and our 4 operating theatres are among the limited number of operating theatres in our country.

In addition to all surgeries performed by the General Surgery Clinic of Esencan Hospital, procedures related to peripheral vascular surgery (placement of all shunts (AV fistula) for dialysis patients) are also performed.

Moreover, Gastroscopy (examining the interior part of the stomach with a tube equipped with a camera and light source), Colonoscopy (examining the interior part of the colon with a tube equipped with a camera and light source) and ERCP are performed under sedation and/or anesthesia in the Endoscopy Unit.