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Medical Cosmetic Center

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  1. Botox

This method is used to manage and correct the wrinkles in the forehead, around eyes, between eyebrows and upper-lip (due to smoking) and to treat the hyperhidrosis. Botox injection makes you look younger and get rid of excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis).

  1. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

A certain amount of blood of the patient is prepared through a special treatment; this method has no side effect for the treatment of thin wrinkles, spots, hair loss, acne, and scars and it can be used in all body parts, such as face, neck and dorsum of hands.

  1. Mesotherapy

Vitamins and mineral acids are blended, prepared and injected to the intended site to treat hair loss and to rejuvenate and lift the skin. It is a very efficient method to preserve your existing hair and grow new hair.

  1. Filling

Lips and cheeks are augmented and full-face light skin enhancer is applied.  The filler material that is injected to the subcutaneous tissue supports the lower layers of the skin and the wrinkles and collapsed areas are filled and made invisible.

  1. Dermaroller

It is a method used in the treatment of chaps, under-eye bruises and acne scars.

  1. Chemical Peeling

It is used to treat skin spots and acne scars and to moisturize the skin. By peeling the skin surface, a new fresh skin is created.

  1. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most effective method to get rid of unwanted hair. You can get rid of unwanted hair in 6-8 sessions on average. Alexandrite laser and Diode laser systems are used at our hospital.

  1. Oxyjet care:

Oxyjet therapies are used for anti-aging pigmentation and acne care and the skin is cooled down to 10 Celsius degrees with 98% pressurized oxygen. The stimulation enhancing and skin tightening effects of the cold pressure are used for various skin disorders, including the relief of edema. The treatment kits with special contents are used. Thanks to this system, which allows effective applications on the full face, especially around eyes and lips, and the neck and the décolleté, you can achieve a glamorous appearance

  1. Treatment of acne:

Acne treatment consists of four cures. The treatment is repeated once every 21 days. It is a therapeutic care, for which antibiotics are used that is special for each individual and skin type. At each session, the dose of antibiotics is increased. It is reinforced by 98% oxygen support.  Its effect becomes visible approximately 4 days later. While acne spots are eliminated, the person gains a smooth skin.