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Medical Oncology

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Cancer is an increasing health and life threatening disease worldwide. Among the most health threatening diseases, cancer is considered to be one of the most severe deseases, just behind heart and vein deseases. In Turkey, the most common cancer types among women are; breast, gut, thyroid, womb and lung cancer; among men; lung, prostate, gut, bladder and stomach cancer.
Treatment and diagnosis of cancer requires cooperation of several medical disciplines. One of these medical disciplines is Medical Oncology which means cancer treatment by a method called chemotherapy. At the medical department of Medical Oncology at Private Esencan Hospital; the treatment of cancer is performed by using chemotherapy, smart medicines and molecules with aim to hit the target, hormonotherapy, immunotherapy and biological treatments. Compared to classical chemotherapies, smart medicines are more convenient and can be customized to meet the demands of the patients. Chemotherapy, is eather applied before the surgery in order to reduce the size of the tumor or as a protection after the surgery; chemotherapy can also be used before and after radiotherapy or together. Chemotherapy is carried out by usage of cytotoxic medicines and can be considered as a subject of specialization. It is based on the idea that means providing the efficient dosage of medicine to patients and at the same time taking control over possible side effects.