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In Ophthalmology Department of Esencan Hospital, diagnosis and treatment services are provided for patients of any age for all diseases and disorders of eye, eyelids and surrounding tissues.

Which activities are performed in Ophthalmology Department of Esencan Hospital?

With the Japanese Nidek Systems, regarded as the most advanced technology of the world;

  • Advanced eyeglasses and contact lens examination (prism, e-line, bifocal and multifocal eyeglasses)
  • True intraocular pressure measurement with nomograms after measurement of corneal thickness (Pachymetry) for diagnosis of glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure); medical, laser and surgical treatments and A- and B-mode ultrasound
  • Pain-, needle- and stitch-free cataract surgery in all cataracts (infants and adults) with Oertli Faros phacoemulsification device with Swiss technology by a 2.2-mm incision, Vitrectomy and placement of foldable intraocular lens.
  • Measurement of corrective glasses, risk of strabismus and inter-pupillar distance in babies and children with Plus-Optix within seconds, Nidek Nd-Yag laser therapy for secondary cataract and glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure)
  • Nidek Argon Laser for iris and angle therapies in retinal diseases especially secondary to diabetes and yellow spot disease and for treatment of glaucoma; Horizontal and vertical prism for strabismus and/or double vision; Botox for esotropia, exotropia and cross-eye; Amblyz ™ electronic glasses in childhood and adulthood for the treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye); advanced treatments with neurovision; autologous serum treatment for dry eye; alternatives of punctum plug (closure of the punctum of the lacrimal canal); ROP examination in premature infants and Intravitreal Avastin / Altuzan, if necessary; all types of oculoplastic surgeries (droopy eyelids, inward and outward rotation of the eyelids, open surgery and probing for obstructed tear ducts in adults and babies; treatment of keratoconus (custom-made contact lens, cross-link laser treatment, intracorneal ring)